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The Salpa defence line is a monument from World War II

At Joensuu Bunker Museum you can see a part of the largest construction project ever undertaken in Finland. The Salpa Defence Line is a series of field fortifications, extending for a total of 1.200 kilometres from the Gulf of Finland to Salla in Lapland, and from there to the Arctic Ocean. The Defence Line was built in 1940–41 and completed in 1944 at the end of the Continuation War.

In Joensuu, the Defence Line station’s concrete and stone fortifications are for the most part still visible today. The wooden constructions were dismantled immediately after the war.

Two concrete dugouts have been repaired and restored for the benefit of sightseers. The anti tank gun dugout in Joensuu has been made into a wartime armoured dugout museum, and the machine gun dugout in the immediate vicinity of the museum has been made into a peaceful exhibition space. Two open machine gun posts have been restored with their original wooden construction.

The building of a major defence line began at the command of Marshal Mannerheim in 1940. Different fortifications and blockades were built to form a unified line of defence along Finland’s eastern border. There never was any conflict along the Salpa Line, but its existence and importance were acknowledged during peace conferences.



The Bunker Museum is located 7 kilometres from the centre of Joensuu. Address:

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